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Chen Alon

Experienced Software Engineer Leader
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Chen Alon

Experienced Software Engineer Leader

Leveraging extensive experience in leading technology teams and projects, I offer a unique blend of strategic leadership, architectural innovation, and hands-on development expertise

As someone who has successfully scaled companies, directed high-impact projects, and architected scalable solutions, I bring a depth of technical knowledge and a proven track record of driving technological excellence.
My approach combines visionary planning with practical execution, ensuring that technology not only meets but exceeds business objectives. With a commitment to fostering a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement, I deliver solutions that are both forward-thinking and aligned with the business’s strategic goals.

Strategic Technology Leadership

Offering expert guidance on aligning your technology roadmap with business objectives, ensuring that your R&D investments drive growth and competitive advantage.

Software Architecture Design

Crafting robust, scalable, and efficient software architectures tailored to your unique business needs, leveraging the latest in cloud-native, Serverless, and event-driven technologies.

Hands-on Development and Coding

Direct involvement in the development process, applying my expertise in a range of technologies including Python, Go, Node.js, PHP, JavaScript/TypeScript, and more, to build high-quality, maintainable, and scalable solutions.

Team Leadership and Mentoring

Building and mentoring high-performing development teams, instilling best practices in coding, testing, architecture, and process to enhance team productivity and product quality.

With over a decade of experience in the tech industry as a Software Engineer, I have acquired extensive expertise in diverse work environments and have delivered exceptional code and engineering solutions.

My area of expertise is developing top-tier Web Applications, SaaS, and Serverless Applications.
I have experience working across the entire software development life cycle, utilizing a diverse tech stack that includes Python, Go, Node.js, PHP, JavaScript, TypeScript, Vue.js, and more. Additionally, I possess extensive knowledge of databases such as MySQL, DynamoDB, Elastic Search, and Neptune DB. Furthermore, I have demonstrated my proficiency in Docker and GitHub Actions, which enables me to optimize containerization and CI/CD pipelines.

Apart from my technical skills, I possess excellent leadership qualities that have enabled me to lead engineering teams to success.

My passion for innovation and excellence fuels my drive to exceed business requirements for each project. I have a proven track record in adapting to new domains, leading engineering teams, improving development cycle time, enhancing client satisfaction, and increasing business ROI.

I’m committed to delivering excellence in every aspect of my work and actively seek new challenges and opportunities for growth.

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  • 2023 - Today
    Tech Lead @ Perion
    Stepping into the role of Tech Lead, I'm responsible for guiding our development team, which includes project leadership and architectural oversight to align with our business objectives.
    This position demands both strategic foresight and hands-on involvement. My duties include steering my team toward the successful execution of multiple projects. By fostering a culture of excellence and collaboration, I aim to improve our development practices, optimize workflows, and drive the continuous improvement of our technological frameworks.
    I balance technical leadership with direct involvement in hands-on coding and architectural design, ensuring that our development efforts are cohesive and forward-thinking, and directly contribute to the company's strategic goals.
  • 2021 - 2023
    Software Development Leader @ Contrast Security
    After my promotion to Software Development Leader from a Senior Full-Stack Engineer role, I demonstrated my ability to quickly master new domains through self-learning, establishing myself as an authority in these areas.
    Collaborating closely with the Senior Director of R&D, I aligned our project executions with the company's strategic goals. Leading a team of engineers, I ensured the timely completion of projects without sacrificing quality, integrating technologies like Python, Go, Node.js, and AWS Serverless services for our event-driven architecture.
    I contributed significantly to architecture and design, served as a mentor within the engineering department, and played a key role in optimizing our development processes. My efforts were instrumental in reducing the development cycle time to less than one day from task allocation to production, significantly enhancing our operational efficiency and technological prowess.
  • 2021 - 2023
    Senior Full Stack Engineer @ Contrast Security
    As a Senior Full Stack Engineer, I played a crucial role in evolving a demo-phase product into a fully operational, production-ready solution, largely focusing on backend system development. My commitment to active learning enabled me to quickly master a complex system grounded in cloud-native architecture, leading the charge in creating a robust, scalable, and efficient Serverless application.
    Within this complex event-driven framework, I successfully led multiple projects from conception to final delivery, offering guidance and mentorship to fellow engineers along the way.
    My technical expertise spans extensive hands-on development with Python, Go, Node.js, and JavaScript/TypeScript, and I've played a pivotal role in establishing efficient CI/CD pipelines using GitHub Actions and Pulumi. Recognized as the go-to expert for leveraging AWS CloudWatch for issue detection, analysis, and troubleshooting, my collaborative efforts with stakeholders have consistently led to the timely delivery of high-quality products, significantly boosting client satisfaction.
  • 2017 - 2021
    Full Stack Team Leader @ Spike
    In my role as a Full Stack Team Leader, I was deeply involved in the hands-on development across our company's entire technology stack, which included Vanilla JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, MySQL, Elastic Search, Electron, and AWS, within a high-scale production environment.
    I oversaw the development of multiple large-scale projects, taking charge from the initial definition of requirements and architecture to the final stages of product behavior and design, both on the server and client sides.
    Working closely with the CTO, I played a crucial role in defining the company's roadmap and breaking down team tasks to align with our strategic goals.
    I managed and mentored a team of 4 developers, ensuring high standards in requirements definition, task allocation, and code quality to maintain our trajectory towards ongoing success.
    My role extended beyond mere leadership; I leveraged my statistical and analytical skills to create detailed reports, building KPIs and gaining insights into user behavior which proved invaluable for our marketing team and stakeholders. I became a central figure within the company, contributing significantly across various domains such as technology, support, product design, and marketing, effectively serving as a versatile resource and key player in driving our company's growth and innovation.
  • 2012 - 2017
    Founder & CTO @ BWEBI
    Launching a digital agency from the ground up, I transitioned from a sole entrepreneur to the Founder and CTO of a thriving company boasting a dedicated team of 12 across development, design, and marketing departments.
    My leadership on the strategy was instrumental in shaping departmental structures that are in lockstep with our vision and mission, ensuring a unified approach towards achieving our objectives. From the get-go, I immersed myself in the hands-on development lifecycle, overseeing the creation, maintenance, and enhancement of various web applications and software products. Under my guidance, a team of 9 professionals excelled in web application development and design, adeptly handling remote collaborations. I took charge of the comprehensive supervision of the software team, from recruitment to professional development, guaranteeing that our team not only met but surpassed our staffing requirements.
    In partnership with my colleagues, I leveraged my expertise in web development and system design, contributing significantly to our projects' success and positioning our agency at the forefront of technological innovation.

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