Chen Alon

Chen Alon

Experienced Software Engineer Leader

AWS Lambda Extension using Open Telemetry

I led a project with six highly skilled software engineers that involved developing an AWS Lambda extension using Open Telemetry, a framework my team and I were unfamiliar with.

Along with the need to learn a new and unfamiliar framework, the project presented numerous technical challenges, particularly in maintaining optimal performance and ensuring that the extension was lightweight and non-disruptive to our customers.
To overcome these challenges, I created a robust local development environment that mirrored the cloud environment. This allowed us to develop quickly, debug seamlessly, and test comprehensively.
We utilized Python, Node.js, and Go and established CI/CD pipelines using GitHub Actions that covered unit tests, component tests, integration tests, and end-to-end tests from PR to the production release.
These automated processes ensured we could confidently and efficiently release stable versions.

This approach enabled us to meet the project’s objectives, enhance customer experiences, and demonstrate our commitment to excellence and innovation.

 · Software Design
· Go
· Node.js
· AWS Lambda
· Cloud-Native Architecture
· Python
· Serverless Computing
· Team Leadership
· Amazon Web Services (AWS)