Chen Alon

Chen Alon

Experienced Software Engineer Leader

Cloud-Native E2E Testing Framework

I spearheaded the development of an advanced End-to-End (E2E) testing framework for our cloud-native, Serverless application.
As the feature owner, I oversaw the entire project lifecycle, from conception to final delivery, and navigated a complex event-driven architecture.

I leveraged object-oriented programming and the SOLID design principles to ensure the framework’s flexibility and facilitate the seamless addition of more scenarios and steps.
The framework was developed using Python, and the infrastructure was designed using various AWS Services, including AWS State Machine, AWS Lambda, API Gateway, EventBridge, DynamoDB, S3, CloudFormation, and IAM. Pulumi was utilized to provision this infrastructure.

The E2E framework played a crucial role in our software development life cycle and was utilized locally and through our CI/CD pipeline via GitHub Actions.
Additionally, the framework was integrated into a Synthetic Monitoring system implemented a year after the project’s completion, enhancing its overall value.

This project demonstrated my technical and creative skills, as well as my leadership abilities.
As a result, our software development and testing processes improved significantly, producing more reliable and higher-quality releases for our cloud-based applications.

· Software Design
· AWS Lambda
· Cloud-Native Applications
· Cloud-Native Architecture
· Python
· Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
· Serverless Computing
· Object Oriented Design
· Amazon Web Services (AWS)
· Design Patterns