Chen Alon

Chen Alon

Experienced Software Engineer Leader

CodeSec - Free CLI tool to secure AWS Lambda functions

I led the development of an innovative CLI tool called “CodeSec”.
This tool was designed to scan AWS Lambda functions and identify potential security vulnerabilities.
By meticulously reviewing the lambda configuration and code, “CodeSec” provides users with actionable insights into potential risks.
This versatile tool can identify a range of vulnerabilities, including least privilege violations, open-source vulnerabilities, and SAST vulnerabilities.

My team and I dedicated significant time and effort to creating an intuitive interface, informative error messages, and a helpful help command to ensure that users have a seamless and satisfying experience.
Additionally, we conducted thorough testing of each “CodeSec” release to guarantee high-quality and bug-free releases.
We also incorporated advanced logging, analytics, and observability processes to provide complete clarity on all operations. All of these efforts were accomplished within a tight deadline.
We developed it using Node.js and TypeScript for the CLI and Python and Java for the backend on top of Serverless services on AWS.

The release of “CodeSec” has not only elevated the security posture of AWS Lambda functions for our users but also served as a gateway for potential customers to experience our commitment to security, ease of use, and value addition, thereby generating valuable leads and contributing to the company’s growth.

· Node.js
· AWS Lambda
· Python
· Serverless Computing
· Team Leadership
· Amazon Web Services (AWS)
· TypeScript