Chen Alon

Chen Alon

Experienced Software Engineer Leader

Lambda as Container Extraction Service

I led a group of highly skilled software engineers in creating a cutting-edge project called “Lambda as Container Extraction Service”.
Our objective was to extract critical information from containers within a Lambda. To ensure optimal performance, I opted for GoLang, a language that was new to all of us. I provided my team with GoLang training and developed the core component of the project.

I mentored my team throughout the project, ensuring they possessed the knowledge and skills required to complete the project precisely with a focus on high-quality outcomes.

We utilized multiple programming languages, including Python, Java, and Go, which provided us with a versatile experience and enabled us to navigate the complexities of the project effectively.
Our technical stack included AWS Lambda, AWS CloudFormation, AWS S3, AWS DynamoDB, and AWS EventBridge.
Our success in completing this project demonstrated our adaptability and technical expertise, significantly improving our ability to extract and process vital information efficiently within a complex environment.
We worked together to ensure a high-quality outcome, emphasizing clarity and focus.

· Go
· AWS Lambda
· Cloud-Native Architecture
· Python
· Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
· Serverless Computing
· Team Leadership
· Amazon Web Services (AWS)